Acqui Terme and Piedmont

imagesAcqui Terme famous and historic city of spas and mud, has 20 000 people, a small town in the province of Alessandria, 100 km far from Turin, 70 from Genoa and 135 km from Milan, is considered the main center of Alto Monferrato. Ancient Roman settlement, has a wealth of buildings and monuments such as the Roman Aqueduct and the “Boiling”, which provides heating to some buildings in the city. And ‘the most important center of the Valley Bormida, opens the Province of Savona and Asti. From Acqui branch pecorsi different, that of the Valle Erro, Valle Bormida to Spigno Monferrato and Merana; the Langhe are just 50 kilometers, crossing countries like Alice Bel Colle with its vineyards in the eye, Nizza Monferrato and Canelli important wine center with its historical cellars underground headquarters of the most important and prestigious companies in the world of spumante, core areas of UNESCO project.

Vigneti-MonferratoThe landscape of the wine-Langhe Roero and Monferrato is an outstanding example and unique-Monferrato Vineyards a cultural landscape arising from the interaction between man and nature for over two thousand years, focused on the culture of wine and its production chain. This landscape consists of a hill system from the profiles sweets along which have vine rows to Girapoggio and is densely populated with farms and rural towns, small hill villages, commercial and industrial establishments in the valley, and specific places linked to the production chain wine that integrate in an extraordinarily harmonious, returning a high aesthetic quality.


The Heart of Acqui

The commercial heart of the city and the promenade of Acqui is Corso Italia, built in 1781 by covering the Rio medium which flowed in precisely this way, impossible not to be called up by the smell and the smoke just at the half of Corso Italian rise from Piazza della Bollente, symbol of the spa town: the monument of the Bollente shaped octagonal kiosk designed by architect Giovanni Cerruti was opened May 16, 1879, from this source gushes a sulfur water at 74, 5 C. the high temperature is due to the speed through which the water comes to the surface from underground, thus preventing its cooling, the flow rate is 560 liters per minute and is rich in potassium sodium calcium magnesium carbonate and sulfate chlorine sulfide. Water takes these physical and chemical qualities through a crack of the subsurface to about 2500-3000 meters deep, thus acquiring important mineral characteristics.

Piazza della Bollente Acqui Terme

The best way to get around Acqui Terme and Piazza Bollente 

In the city you can move by foot. Nearby is preferable to the machine. Most tonics may face the climbs with the mountain bike, in addition to the pure air, the scenery is breathtaking.

The best periods of the year to visit Acqui Terme.

During the winter to enjoy the Spas. In summer to walk quietly through the streets of downtown where almost every night there are various entertainment such as little concerts and all kind of music.


The typical dish. The recipes of Festivities in Acqui Terme.

Dish of Piedmont is bagna cauda, a delicious sauce made with garlic and salted anchovies spreadable over to vegetables like peppers for example. For the holiday lunch traditional are the plin, served with gravy (are small ravioli stuffed with white meat served with gravy), roast, tenderloin and kissed roundup of Piedmontese cheeses, as castel magno, rocchetta , raschera, tome goat etc.


Mercato di Acqui TermeMarkets

Every Tuesday and Friday morning until the 13th at all the city center: piazza Addolorata, piazza Orto San Pietro, piazza San Francesco, Corso Italia, via Garibaldi and piazza Ferraris with farming equipment and farm products.

An advantage of the people of Acqui Terme and their defects.

The defect of Acqui, as in every small town, is the gossip and the desire to invent thousand tales to talk or speak ill. An advantage: the quality of life, Acqui is truly unique, everything here is quiet, you can walk at any time of the day or night in complete serenity.



The territory of Acqui Terme is full of springs more or less hot, the three main sources: the Source Bollente to 74, 5 ° C, the Acqua Marcia at 19 ° C. and Lake of the Springs at 45 ° C.
The thermal water of the Bollente is the source of most use in health establishments Acqui, is a ‘water hyperthermal by high temperature and is sulphurous salsobromoiodic. It is used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, orthopedic, otolaryngology, pulmonology angiology and gynecology, but can also serve in aesthetic medicine and dermatology
fontaninoThe Acqua Marcia was discovered in the mid-700 and only in 2009, by laboratory analysis performed, there was evidence of that due to its high sulfur content, has great antioxidant power and is therefore used for inhalation treatments.

The spa complex consists of Acqui Terme and the establishments Antique Queen’s Bath, and by the establishment Nuove Terme in the city center.

An important and interesting news is that at the end of the month of October 2010, in the area and Ancient Baths Spa, was opened on Lake of the Springs. In 800 in this area developed activity fangoterapica Acqui, at that time from May to September were carried stoves bathrooms and showers in the morning in the area of the Bollente, then moved into the area in the late afternoon to practice Bathrooms mud therapy.

This beautiful building has been completely renovated, here you can find the various pools or natural wells where the water from the earth creates a fog of natural steam very suggestive. Even the sauna is powered by natural vapors coming from underground sources reaching a temperature of 50 ° C with a humidity ranging from 80-90%
The Spa manager explains that this system is unique in the world: the unique philosophy of holistic Spa Lake of the Springs is based on the revolutionary and unprecedented beneficial synergy between “thermal bath” and “sound bath”, between “wellness water” and “wellness from vibrations and musical tones.”-
The water is “alive” of the renowned sulfur springs salsobromojodiche of Acqui Terme, with numerous healing properties that pulse unceasingly into the Lake of the Springs and the volcano of the sources, the two thermal basins included in the structure.  24_Inch_Gong_HangerThis extraordinary water is available to guests in the two swimming pools and two hot tubs in the garden-solarium. The “sound” is that of the Tibetan Bells and Planet Gong, instruments traditionally used to enhance the development and spiritual awareness of people.The “sound massage” proposed by the Spa Lake of the Springs is borrowed from the ancient Himalayan tradition, five thousand years old, and utilizes the soothing vibrations of Tibetan Bells – that flow through “meridians” and body massage every single cell in our system – to remove the blocks and energetic imbalances that cause various psychological disorders. Spa in Lake of the Springs is also given the Sound Therapy with a particular Planet Gong emitting sound vibrations similar to that of Pluto. The balancing effect of these treatments and anti-stress sound is truly amazing fact. The Lake of the Springs Spa therefore proposed the ” Water Therapy “combined with the Harmony by Harmony to” retune “the mind-body-spirit. The path is articulated in 12 stages supported by a therapist who explains and introduces in an environment that is totally detached from everyday life that each of us lives, sounds the heat and vapors wrap around our body and projecting our mind into a dimension surreal.

thermal spa Acqui Terme

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