2 days / 1 night


Arrival and accommodation at the ns. facilities in the spa area.

Admission at the Lake of the Springs Path to Holistic in 12 stages

A choice you can make the thermal route on Saturday afternoon, in the morning or in the afternoon of Sunday to be confirmed at time of booking.

The philosophy of this spa is rejuvenate body and mind through water and sound. It begins with a series of pools of thermal water and relaxation areas. Then we arrive to the steam room, a beautiful area with color effects, where singing bowls are played. It goes to the solarium with hot tubs and sauna. Magnificent Volcano of Springs, an outdoor circular with hot water where it enters wearing hats oriental that help the cleansing of the face. The relaxation room of the bar is furnished with taste and refinement, here you can taste herbal teas or smoothies. The path ends in a room where the Tibetan Bells are rung and the Planet Gong, preceded by a very interesting explanation on the sounds and frequencies.

The evening then continues at a renowned restaurant in Acqui Terme with dinner. Overnight stay


Apartment near the thermal spa
Breakfast self catering

A pleasant walk will lead you towards the Old Town (300 meters away from our house.. Approximately) where you can visit in Piazza Levi the Enoteca Regionale del Piemonte and taste as well, our best wines. From here you can reach Piazza delle Bollente to breathe fumes and vapors of thermal water that flows from the ground to about 73 degrees.

A few steps and you’ll arrive at your destination to enjoy your aperipranzo sitting at the tables of the outdoor area and admiring the beauty of the city center.